Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tumbler 21

Yellow salt is an interesting glaze and reminds me of freckled skin.  And I love freckles.  You can slightly see vertical stripes that I painted on with brown slip before bisque.  The bottom is dipped in Rietz Blue, which goes brown, as you saw in the last post.
cone 10, glaze, mason stain

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tumbler 20

Here we go again!  

I painted slip dyed with dark chocolate brown mason stain on this tumbler before bisque firing--you can see the paint strokes under the glaze.  The glaze on bottom is supposed to be blue, but only goes blue when it mixes with the top dipped celadon.  I still don't really understand this stuff.
cone 10 stoneware, brown slip, glaze

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tumbler 19

Stripey experiment here...I painted on this mason stain+glaze concoction (originally it was a rose color) in a few thick spots, then dunked the top half in white.  It ran a little and washed it away just a bit.  This particular mason stain has been a real pain and let me down many times, so I gave it one more chance.  As long as I don't do a wipe on/wipe off thing and make it nice and thick, it seems to do okay.  Okay?

handbuilt, cone 6 white stoneware, mason stain, white glaze

up the skirt with a little maker's mark

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Snake Eye Tumblers

More fun with Stroke & Coat!  I started out thinking of these as having a brick pattern, but then I decided they were more like eyes (especially the yellow one), so here we are with a pattern name.  I made another one with green, but I got the clear top glaze too thick and it basically washed away the design, so I was more careful with just brushing it on these.  Figuring this all out takes a while.

cone 6 white stoneware, handbuilt, stroke and coat, clear glaze

cone 6 white stoneware, handbuilt, stroke and coat, clear glaze

Monday, March 6, 2017

More Cat Mugs

Still playing around with my digitally cut vinyl stamps.  I might have to (gasp!) go purchase some commercial glaze because I just don't love many of the colors the Clay Guild provides--that's why I do a lot of mixing mason stains and such. 

But these little guys are pretty cute, and once I get a large enough group I'm going to take them to Purrfect Pets in Overland Park--a wonderful cats only shelter that placed my foster kittens in a fabulous home last year.  They have a small boutique section where I have sold a few clocks as well.
cone 6 white stoneware, hand built, dipped antique green and purple with white inside and bottom

put some tea in this

or some coffee!

Friday, March 3, 2017


When I have a bit of clay left over from making a thing, I like to use the cast off piece for pendants.  Sometimes the texture is already on the surface from Making a Thing: Round One, and sometimes I like to smush the clay into a stamp I already have.  I'll use Stroke & Coat, mason stains, and other glazing techniques and mixtures to see what happens.  These are basically test tiles and sometimes they come out really great.  I have thrown plenty away--I learned what I needed to from those and don't need them cluttering up my life.

I'm adding these to my Etsy store as I get to them.

pendant family

made with a homemade stamp; matte blue and glossy jade Stroke and Coat
red and black S&C before bisque; blue glaze over whole thing after.
I used a toilet paper roll as a cookie cutter for these round ones.

made with a homemade stamp; matte blue and yellow Stroke and Coat before bisque, antique green glaze after

made with found woodcarving-turned-stamp; cone 10 glaze fired with wipe on/off technique

stamp made with grate found in my basement; custom glaze made with mason stain filled into holes

made with a homemade stamp; cone 10 Iron Saturate glaze
I have lots more...and I'll be making lots more, too!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tumbler 18

I applied a vinyl strip on the raw clay surface before dunking it in glaze.  After the glaze dried I peeled off the vinyl and this is the result...Although the glaze is pretty neutral color (supposed to be celadon, but whatever),  you can see some flashing showed up on the raw clay, giving it a bit of a red tinge.  I love that the line is super crisp and simple.  More of these for sure!
recycled stoneware, cone 10, glaze