Friday, December 6, 2013

Made It: Sheet Music

My newest product line, table top clocks, have been doing pretty well.  They're small, easy to ship, affordable, and of course, ADORBZ.  But I had no idea that using sheet music was going to be the key.  Over  half of the sold clocks have been decorated with antique sheet music from either a hymnal or kids' music book.  And as it turns out, people love gifting these to their kids' piano teachers (at least three have sold for that purpose).  Way to love your teachers, people!

Here's some behind the scenes footage!

Reminds me of this.

After the clocks I moved on to experiment with how I can incorporate the material into wall art.
Rubber cement on back, then I ripped the pages into strips and...

laid it down on matte board.

Added vinyl flowers and sprayed it with clear lacquer.


I love the old books' natural state, but I wanted to try color, so I watered down some acrylic paint and sprayed it in a thin layer on the paper.
And then I had to try it with non-clocks, too.
Put a cat on it!
I'll matte this up and see what  happens.

Here's a new set of clocks that I have for sale at this weekend's open studio.
Line 'em up!
Find them on Etsy, too!

I can't wait for this weekend's sale...I've been making and baking and hanging.  It's a party with some art involved!

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