Monday, January 4, 2016

Mini Collages

I'm going to start posting my collages because I want to share and this is a way for me to keep on with it.  Basically, these are exercises, like the ones from the last post, but mini.  I went on a tear and have almost depleted my 12 x 12 inventory of unused matboard, and can't buy more from a certain hobby chain for a big discount because they don't bundle them up anymore.  But I did make a ton of little 4 x 5 letters and such that didn't sell and I happen to still have them in storage, so I'm reusing!  It's my favorite!

See more of these, or groups of them, or them in process, on my Instagram feed, because it's FREE and FUN!

I will share these in the order in which they were made.

Number One:
cutouts from magazines dated 1950-2011
painted 1960s book page
Stay tuned for more!  We'll see what they do to my larger work as I start back on bigger scale "canvases" (wood and such) and add lots more vinyl and paint to stuff.

Here's to 2016.  Let's do this.

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