Tuesday, August 14, 2018


It sometimes takes a few tries to get a piece right.  And sometimes you have to just start over.

With this one, I started over. 
Six inches tall, 30 inches wide...it actually started out as a clock many years ago.  Then I peeled and sanded the surface design off as best I could, but it still left of a ghost behind (below).  When I was first working on my Orzo series I was using old products to sketch on.  I liked the turquoise and white, but some of the white got marred up, so I added inside pieces.  Then I got sick of looking at it and kind of bored with the plain design, so I finally decided to rip it off and start again.

Some of the vinyl left sticky shadows behind.

I saved some of the orzos I ripped off, but they were kind of mangled.

Here's the ghost from the very first life of this piece.

I painted over the turquoise with purple, neon pink, and white, and then sanded.

Painted and sanded again.  You can see the dark scar left by a piece of vinyl from
an earlier version.  

Tiny vinyl time!  I hand-cut most of these for some reason.
Guess I wanted my hand to go numb (it did!).
With the different directions of the paint strokes it kind of looks like weaving.

Finished piece.
Untitled so far...
This really looks great if you bury your nose in it, seeing all the little brush strokes, stamps, scars, and splotches.  I'm going to look in my Sunflowers poetry book for something to strike my fancy for the title.  It feels like a weird Atomic age landscape right now.  Maybe I'll mine some Ray Bradbury, too.

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