Thursday, August 22, 2019

Pecked: Winter 2018 and 2019

Over the cold winter months (and it was FREAKING COLD this winter) I started dreaming of spring very early.  I started making larger, more involved vessels...since I have literally dozens of vases, I decided to try out planters and sculptural pieces.  And then I became addicted to...pecking!
 I used all sorts of pointy-ended tools, including pencils, needles, porcupine quills, pens, and my fave...
 peach pits!
Spent the week of Thanksgiving working on this one.

The carving and pecking took a long time, but I listen to audio books and, as you've seen with my Orzos, enjoy repetition--nearly to the point of mania.

As most ceramic artists, especially the newbies, will tell you, glazing is hard and often the least fun step in the process.  It's "painting blind" as my friend and teacher Amy says.  Very true.

Because this...
Glazed up
Turns into this...
Basically what I wanted but it's still all a mystery to me.
More finished pieces...


This one is NOT FOR SALE because it was the beginning of many good things.
See more from the Pecked collection on my website.

These are a natural step in the evolution of my work, using surface texture techniques from my Faces and moving into something else, because I don't stand still too long...

When you're stuck inside but still somehow have the itch to do something other than watch High Maintenance and Hoarders all day, good things can happen!

Contact me through my website if you're interested in purchasing anything.

And come see me Saturday night at the Kemper Museum for a Pop Up sale during their annual Block Party!  I'll have planters (other than these) and some other goodies...

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