Friday, November 22, 2013

Found It: In the Newpapers

Old advertisements!  I love 'em!  Not just because almost everything was drawn (!!!) but the typography strikes a special chord in my heart.  I was looking through a pile of papers I found in the shed a while back and, even though these seemed to have been kept for the recipes on the page, it's the imagery I love the most.  These are from the 1940s...I'm pretty sure.

Here, I'll share.

What a happy lion!  I think the labor laws have changed since 1949, though.

Early form of texting while driving.

He won't love you unless you douche with Lysol!

Oh, jeez.

I know from experience that cats slide all over the place on a wood floor.

Adorable.  Also, I love ketchup.
I hope we all agree that Love Quiz is straight messed up.  I knew that Lysol was suggested for "cleaning" a woman's most private/horribly-disgusting-to-society's parts, but seeing it right here makes me feel so gross.  [Insert feminist rant here!]

Two weekends in Lawrence, Kansas, and then it's open studio time!  I can't wait to see all the cool stuff people make in my neck of the woods.

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