Thursday, October 24, 2019

Back on the Wagon

It's been A WHILE since I've put paint or vinyl to aluminum.  There are a few reasons for this, but this post is about DOING not NOT DOING.

I took my least favorite small piece and decided to cannibalize just never brought me joy.

Meh. I tried.
24 inch diameter
I put some paint on it.  Then more paint and dragged through the paint while wet to make a texture.
Then I put more paint on!  And the magic happened when the sandpaper met the surface, revealing the ridges...
I like that you can see some of the old piece in a ghosty shadow.  It is the foundation of this work, after all.
Time to add orzos.  It took some work to figure out exactly how it needed to terminate.  I added and subtracted several times.
Subtle changes, but it took some walk-aways to think it over.
I think it's finished.  Feels great to have a new piece I like.  In 2020 I'll have a show at the Johnson County (Kansas) library, so I'm going to polish some old pieces.  But, honestly, I don't actually NEED to make more work, because I OVERFLOWITH.

24 inch diameter, as yet unnamed 
I'm looking forward to choosing a title, going through my on-going notes of phrases and poetic bits I find here and there to make a perfect match.

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Studio Sale

Over the second weekend of September (already three weeks ago?!) I had my first solo studio sale (that wasn't associated with any organization).  It was great!  It was exhausting!  Here's a look back...

I'm prolific--can't stop with the making--so my inventory is vast.  

My shed housed mixed media work from my salvaged wood days.
Turned my shed into a display room.

I had surprisingly few wall clocks left.  I was able to get several out to new forever homes!  Hurrah for aluminum, it doesn't degrade!
Clocks are dwindling...
 These little dudes were hanging out in my closet.  I still love them all and was able to share several with customers!
table toppers

 The biggest part of my sale was the ceramics section.  You can make a lot of work in just a few years if you keep it in your basement most of the time.
So. Many. Ceramics.

Love these faces.
I still have plenty left, so I'll be having an online sale through Facebook and/or Instagram.  Stay tuned!

I had a lot of help from friends during the set up and break down process, and seeing all your lovely faces and meeting new people from the neighborhood was awesome.  I might make it a yearly thing! There's certainly enough making still to be done...