Monday, July 27, 2015

New Mixed Media Work in Boulder, CO

I went to Boulder for the Pearl Street Arts Fest, Aug 18 and 19.  The show was well-attended and the volunteers kept the artists hydrated and fed.  The town is beautiful and very cool, but a "working vacation" didn't really give me much time to check it out.

I thought I'd share a few shots of my booth since it is clock-free..


I mixed abstract and imagery together since I was juried in with the abstract pieces only.  The application was due before I had made any imagery work and I decided to bring them since I love them so much, and they're made in roughly the same way.  It is possible that the mix confused spectators or that I shoved way too much work in my booth, but every show is a dress rehearsal for the next one and continually evolving, so next time I show this line of work (Art Westport here in KCMO) will be different.

My next show is in Loring Park in Minneapolis for the third year.  I'll take my clocks and see if I can talk some people and/or galleries into keeping them in their temperate climate!  I look forward to seeing more of the city and seeing some friends along the way.  

This weekend I uploaded images to Fine Art America for the whole wide world to peruse and order reproductions of certain works, including some purely digital things and sold pieces.  You can get a giant anatomical heart on a tote bag, shower curtain, or printed on aluminum!  Check my profile page out here.  I plan on adding new work as I have time.

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