Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Like a Real Artist

At Art Westport, just down the road from my house, I finally sold some big capital-A Art!  It felt damn good and has motivated me to make more and push myself.  I have so many ideas and I really just need to be able to split myself into two workers (three would be better) so I can make art, make clocks, and sell both.  I had some wonderful conversations with people that helped me work through my ideas and concepts, as well as get feedback on what is really "speaking" to people.  It's surprising how many of the same pieces sparked something in a wide swath of viewers.  

Aside from SO MANY HEARTS that went out into the KC community, I said goodbye to some of my favorite creations...
Close Your Eyes 'Til You're Blue in the FaceBundled with the one below!
Salvaged flooring, paint, paper dots from 1960's Prevention  mag, vinyl.
Approx. 16 x 34 
The Pink BowSad I didn't get a proper product shot of this one.
Salvaged wood, tea bag papers, paint, vinyl, colored pencil.
Approx. 11 x 20

Forgot My Wallet
Sold to a teenage girl who had to call her mom to get permission to buy it.
Salvaged wood, 1970s STL Post Dispatch,  paint, vinyl.
6 x 16 inches
One and Two Girls/Two Girls Looking
Sold this to a woman who really wanted the large version with four faces but couldn't afford it (me neither, girlfriend!).
Salvaged wood, paint, paper dots (vintage and fabric paper), vinyl.
Approx 10 x 12 inches
Siren (Study)
This resides just a few blocks south of my home in a neighbor's dressing area now!  This piece, as well as the one above, has sparked so much in me--it was hard to say goodbye but I'm so happy she's in her "forever home."
Salvaged wood, paint, paper dots from 1970's workbook, vinyl.
6 x 16 inches

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weird is Good

Sometimes/all times when I'm using my digital cutter I nest images I want cut inside each other so as not to waste vinyl.  And sometimes what I have done out of necessity sparks a new idea for a piece or design.  Sometimes things are just weird.  

This morning what I was peeling away seemed weird, and I like it.  
That's a cow skeleton inside my grandma's face.
Then I kept peeling and now I'm wondering if I even need to do anything more!  Just frame this baby up!
Thanks, Roy, for ruining dots for everyone who knows a minimal amount of art history.
No, I have plans for at least some of this stuff.  Stay tuned.

I've joined all high schoolers circa 2012 and am finally on Instgram.  Since Facebook has made it almost impossible for a business my size to share stuff and actually be seen without paying to "boost" the post, my Instagram feed is perhaps a better way to see works in progress, source material...and my cats.  Sorry.

Next week!  ArtSarBen in Omaha!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fall Shows!

This weekend I head to Sioux City, Iowa, for ArtSplash.  This show kicks off my Fall Time Art Show Whirlwind when I will have five shows over six weekends.  Yikes!

5 x 5 black with blue heart
Like ArtSplash, I will be going to ArtSarBen in Omaha for the second year in a row.

5 x 5 cream with orange and turquoise orzos

For the first time Art Westport has accepted me--a show that only takes artists from a 40 mile radius of the show's zip code.  I live 1.6 miles from there but I might as well have lived on Mars for the last decade because the judges passed me up year after year when I applied with my clocks.  For a few years I boycotted the show (both going and applying) because of hurt feelings and general WTF-ness.  This year I applied with mixed media ladies and they asked me to show.  So it better be good!
funky legs

There are two other shows I've never been in--CRAFT and Barstow Arts Festival are first-year shows, but they're in Kansas City proper, so I thought I'd give them a shot.  If things don't go well, at least I will be sleeping in my own bed!

8 x 8 turquoise with white dino

Later in November I'll be selling at the Lake Quivira Holiday Bazaar for the second time and then gearing up for our big Studio Sale at Meya Ceramic Studio through the KC Clay Guild the first Friday weekend of December.  It's our fourth year!  

I'm excited that my shows are relatively close and packed together, because then I'll be able to see just what many of my friends go through when they're showing every weekend.  I might hate it!  But what if I love it?  I don't have to drive more than 4.5 hours to any location, which I can definitely handle.  I'm looking forward to meeting new people and finding new ice cream joints along the way!

pink barn