Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weird is Good

Sometimes/all times when I'm using my digital cutter I nest images I want cut inside each other so as not to waste vinyl.  And sometimes what I have done out of necessity sparks a new idea for a piece or design.  Sometimes things are just weird.  

This morning what I was peeling away seemed weird, and I like it.  
That's a cow skeleton inside my grandma's face.
Then I kept peeling and now I'm wondering if I even need to do anything more!  Just frame this baby up!
Thanks, Roy, for ruining dots for everyone who knows a minimal amount of art history.
No, I have plans for at least some of this stuff.  Stay tuned.

I've joined all high schoolers circa 2012 and am finally on Instgram.  Since Facebook has made it almost impossible for a business my size to share stuff and actually be seen without paying to "boost" the post, my Instagram feed is perhaps a better way to see works in progress, source material...and my cats.  Sorry.

Next week!  ArtSarBen in Omaha!

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