Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Making It: Really Big Clock

Alright, I skipped March.  BUT!  I was working, so it's okay.  I've been trying to nail down some shows and have been dealing with the logistics of that (hotel rooms! inventory! tent rentals! insurance! business things!).  But I did manage to take some pictures while I was making a 24" x 24" clock in the random multicolored orzo burst pattern that has stuck a chord with customers.

GO BIG OR GO HOME, or whatever.

Naked except for my reflection.  Notice the sanded-with-love background.

All full!  Once I get the mechanism in and hands on for testing purposes I'll be sure to
share the final product.
 This took me several days and I took lots of breaks going back and forth between projects so that I didn't go completely burst-crazy.  But I couldn't stop!  So I made more!
5 x 5 inches
8 x 8 inches

6 x 18 inches, stacked orzo

8 x 8 inches on black background
 And just for fun, and because I already have them ready, I'll throw in some of my other orzos.

12 x 12, blue with silver, grey, blue, yellow, black, white, and green

12 x 12, sanded aluminum with orange, yellow, blue, white, and green

9 x 12, yellow with blues and greens

6 x 18, orange with blues

8 x 8, sanded aluminum with green, turquoise, and purple

8 x 8, cream with neutral browns and greys

5 x 5, black and white

5 x 5, periwinkle with greys, pink, and peach

5 x 5, mustard with red, brown, black, and white

5 x 5, reflective silver with black and shimmery grey

5 x 5, peacock blue with gold

5 x 5, white with blues and black

5 x 5, white with light blue

5 x 5, yellow with blues and orange

 Most of these are ready for sale at my Etsy shop, and if they don't sell by the time I hit the road, they'll make a real world debut either in late April or early May (still waiting to hear from one show...).

I have more!  But I thought I'd stop procrastinating and throw these up here since it's been a ridiculously long time.

ETA: I just realized I doubled up on some of these clocks from last time, but...whatever.  Twice as nice!

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