Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tulsa and things

I had a show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Mayfest!  It was my first time in that city, and I can say that the people there are just as nice as the people in OKC.  And to think I grew up around the jerks I did just three hours north of there!  (KIDDING!  Kansans are a swell group of folks!)

Due to the ridiculous weather in Oklahoma, I decided to rent a tent rather than bank on my flimsy EZUP to withstand whatever happened over the weekend, but I still had plenty to pack:

See also: my brain.

Love my new camper shell!  So much protection!
After set up I walked around a bit.  We were in the Deco District of Tulsa, which is a beautiful area.  The night was mild and I was able to find some ice cream (well, gelato, at Mod's), which is a very important part to getting to know a city.

 After a night's rest, we opened, and I had four days of Tulsa's best coming through to check out my clocks, 8 x 10s, and heart blocks.  
8 x 10s, including originals and new poppy reproductions

Astro Kitty!

State stickers are always a crowd pleaser.
There's always a bit of time on my hands when I'm at a show, and I decided to put those
hands to work.  I brought some scraps and blanks and did what I do.

Finished 5 x 5 made at the show, sold at the show! 
I try to avoid fair food, but this is a deep fried Oreo...I'm weak!
Awesome guy William Franklin, who owns Decopolis (5th and Boston) picked out several
clocks to have in his store!  I'm so thrilled to be represented by this great place!

Paul, an architect from Tulsa who is a fellow KU alum, was a wonderful advocate
for my work and was actuallythe matchmaker between myself and Decopolis.
 Always nice to find new friends at art shows!
After a wonderful weekend with nice weather and almost no rain, I walked around downtown on Monday a bit before heading home.  It was a little windy...
This is supposed to be straight up, but wind won this battle.
Image the bits of dirt hitting my skin as I walked around.  Tons of fun.
But luckily the buildings withstood what Mother Nature had to offer and I was rewarded with peeping some beautiful Art Deco architecture (and some other stuff thrown in, too).

View from my hotel room.

William's store and hangout place.  Go there if you can!

I just liked the fire escape here.

Saw this on my way to Braum's.  Adorable.

Upon returning home (and resting for a day), Elsie decided to try and help me unload the truck.
She was worthless.
So, Tulsa!  Thanks for everything!
Don't forget to check out Decopolis at 607 S Boston.

I have a couple weeks before a one day showing at a bike race in KC...many bike themed things to come!  I've been trying to stock up my Etsy store and work on inventory for the Des Moines show at the end of the month.  

Until next time...

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