Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Three Small Collages

So, these aren't "mini" compared to what I have been making, but many other artists would be happy to label them such, because they're only 5 x 7 inches.  Therefore, my distinction for them is "small."
Drops No. 5
hand cut scrap papers, ink, matboard
5 x 7 inches

found and cut magazine papers, matboard
5 x 7 inches

Shake Before Using
cut and found vintage wall paper, magazine cut outs, matboard
5 x 7 inches
You guys, I have so many magazines now.  IT'S RIDICULOUS.  However, they are in neat stacks in my studio or in tubs in the basement, so it's not a hoarding situation, technically.  Also, I'm using them.  Recently, I have helped a friend with her attic (so much left!  so many goodies!), found a tasty hoarding house down the street, came across some sweet nudie mags at an estate sale, and started in on a spot at the farm that I'd not discovered until a couple months ago.  I have a nice cache of found photos and other weird ephemera, too.

Guess I better make some art, yeah?

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