Monday, April 4, 2016

Mixed Media Quickie Number One

Traveling Light
craft paper, book cutout, magazine cutouts, painted paper scrap
approx. 11 x 11 inches
Here's a new series!  I made the next ten collages (plus this one) in a short amount of time with mostly scrap I had or images I've already cut out along the way.

A friend gave me several 11 x 14 framed head shots of old dudes that were being removed from her office.  The frames weren't anything special and since it's easier to stash a bunch of paper flat, I worked on removing the pictures from the frames.  These were professionally framed over the last 50 years, so there was a thin back cover of craft paper on most of them.  As I do, I kept the pieces I thought were large enough to do something with.  This sparked something in me, and as I had a little pop up this weekend in town I decided that I needed something to do for crunch time, so started on these collages.

My idea was that they could be collage starts for another artist, or stand on their own if that's how the beholder eyed them.  This forced me to work quickly and edit.  Sometimes I clam up if I start thinking too hard about themes and filling the space.

I'm glad I did this and might continue--stay tuned!  I'll be posting a new collage everyday, but you can get a preview on my Instagram feed of a few from the weekend.

Hello, Spring!  

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