Monday, July 11, 2016

Quick Digital Sketches: Still Life: Vase

Ceramic Heart Vase
I've been playing around with my computer and doing what basically any seven-year-old can probably do now, but I'm An Old so my time has come.  This is a digitally manipulated picture of a vase I made.  I was trying to take a decent picture with a poorly-made homemade light box to document all my ceramics adventures from this year.  As I was trying to adjust the light and whatnot, I hit a wall and just started screwing around.  That is how this series was born.

Some of them have been uploaded to Society6 and are available for purchase, because why not.  They are all small, though, because most of them were taken on my phone and aren't high enough resolution to blow up and print on a T-shirt or whatever.

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