Friday, March 3, 2017


When I have a bit of clay left over from making a thing, I like to use the cast off piece for pendants.  Sometimes the texture is already on the surface from Making a Thing: Round One, and sometimes I like to smush the clay into a stamp I already have.  I'll use Stroke & Coat, mason stains, and other glazing techniques and mixtures to see what happens.  These are basically test tiles and sometimes they come out really great.  I have thrown plenty away--I learned what I needed to from those and don't need them cluttering up my life.

I'm adding these to my Etsy store as I get to them.

pendant family

made with a homemade stamp; matte blue and glossy jade Stroke and Coat
red and black S&C before bisque; blue glaze over whole thing after.
I used a toilet paper roll as a cookie cutter for these round ones.

made with a homemade stamp; matte blue and yellow Stroke and Coat before bisque, antique green glaze after

made with found woodcarving-turned-stamp; cone 10 glaze fired with wipe on/off technique

stamp made with grate found in my basement; custom glaze made with mason stain filled into holes

made with a homemade stamp; cone 10 Iron Saturate glaze
I have lots more...and I'll be making lots more, too!

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