Tuesday, May 18, 2021

So I Think I Can Draw Now

 ...at least, I'm happy with my style, or my "handwriting" as my terrible-except-for-a-couple-things first drawing teacher called it.  I'm most comfortable with flowers, of course, because that's what I've been focusing on.  But I think I could pull off other still lifes (lives?) competently.  I have never, and doubt ever will be, the kind of person who can draw what I see in my head.  Reference materials in real life, please!

So...here are some of the completed drawings from the last year.  After I went back to ceramics in the fall/winter, I neglected putting lines on paper for a while, but they ended up on clay, which I'll share more of soon.

Big Dogwood
34 x 23 inches
ink on painted paper

Big Dogwood detail

Titles for these are hard because I could just name everything in them (long), pick and choose (simple but boring), or make up something esoteric and thought provoking (would be a lie somehow??). 
Big Iris
19 x 15 inches
ink on painted paper

Big Iris detail

Iris, Salsify
22 x 9 inches
ink on painted paper

Peony, Hyacinth, Spiderwort
22 x 9 inches
ink on painted panel

Cinquefoil, Coreopsis
34 x 23 inches
ink on painted paper

Cinquefoil, Coreopsis detail

Spiderworts, Peonies
42 x 9 inches
ink on painted paper

Spiderworts, Peonies detail
Due to the nature of painting paper and the non-flatness of my materials, the drawings are hard to accurately photograph, and I am also not very good at that skill to begin with.  I'm not set up with a big wall in a light-controlled area (nor do I ever think I actually need a tripod), so I'm going to spring for a professional one of these days to do that.  I know my limits.

In September I'll be in a show with the flower pieces at the KC Artists Coalition!  Pretty excited to have them up together.  Now, to figure out how to present them...

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