Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Moved In: River Market Antique Mall

I find lots of great things at the farm.  LOTS.  Etsy has been a great thing for me, but I needed another outlet to move some of these treasures out into the world...I'm not going to list a product that costs five times as much to ship as the purchase price, so a brick-and-mortar space just made sense for these items. 

Luckily, Kansas City has many antique outlets, but the largest is the River Market Antique Mall in the City Market area of downtown.  Three floors (and a basement) stuffed with great finds from the disco days on back to the 1700s.  My rusty and chippy finds would fit right in!  I was able to snag a spot on the second floor.

It was a whirlwind week of picking, gathering, cleaning, repairing, prepping, sorting, labeling, researching, scanning, and moving stuff around, but I got it done.  And, as of last weekend, I'm moved in and hoping all this stuff finds "forever homes."

So...I did some pickin'.

And some repairin'.

 And some paintin'.
The space before I moved in.
The paint color was supposed to be a dark grey, but whatever.
And some movin' in.
First load sort of put together.
After second load in...I had to leave because the mall was closing so I just walked away.
The next morning I went in to "fluff" and make sure everything was labeled
and moved some stuff around a little bit.

Notice the corner hutch all pretty and white now.
Gas cans/oil cans/coffee cans/tobacco cans/pulleys.

I'm happy with how this came out, but it's held together
with paint primarily.  Not for sale!  (Yet...)
Just some of my grandma's extensive romance novel collection from the 1940s.

And then a lot of sleepin'.
If you're in the City Market area picking up delicious veggies, pies, fruits, and whatnot, walk a couple blocks west to River Market Antiques at 5th and Wyandotte.  I'm near the south west corner on the second floor, vendor #414. 

The Retro Ranch welcomes you!

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