Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Found It: Medicine Cabinet

I found an old medicine cabinet with the perfect amount of peeling (lead) paint.  It's metal and kind of small, and it's been hanging in the shed for my entire life, and likely since Grandpa bought the farm in the 1960s.* it is in it's temporary home at the Antique Mall:
Rustic/cottage/shabby chic.

And here's where I found it:
Waaaay back in the corner.  I found another cabinet below it, too.
 In the daylight: fresh.

Only one small bug dwelling.  Pretty good.
 And these are the treasures that were inside:

Ok, so this was on top, but...JULY 1966 PEOPLE!  Most of the paper was in
good shape so I kept it and will do something with it.
Because everyone needs two empty rolls of TP, a knife, and insulation their
bathroom cabinet that isn't in a bathroom.

So fancy!  There's still powder in this, with the puff, and it's for sale now at the Mall.
I debated whether or not to put these very well preserved bottles up for sale,
but I can't open them to dump out the POISON, and even closed they
smelled up my whole truck for a week.  So...probably not.

I used my air hose and blew the gross out of the cabinet.  A fair amount of paint chips got blasted off, too, and I'm amazed the mirror is intact and the metal's not in terrible shape.  I know it will complete someone's bathroom, either as is (maybe a little more elbow grease would help) or completely overhauled with a nice sprayed finish and sophisticated colors.  Sadly, that's what I won't ever know about my they spend their lives after I say goodbye.

Fly away, little birdies!  Be free!

*Unless he kept the calendar from 1966 and placed it on top later (not completely out of the question, truthfully), the cabinet was definitely there since at least the '60s. 

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