Thursday, June 2, 2016


found wood, vinyl paint
17 x 36 inches
I'll be sharing some new, larger scale work I'm taking on the road this season made from found  materials.  

The source material for this piece is my Great Aunt Henriette's high school graduation.  I had been painting and adding vinyl to the wood (found somewhere...not the farm, I don' t think) for months in stops and starts, and was just stuck.  Then the idea of extending her skirt up and up, as if she's going on forever, or was squeegee'd flat, hit me.  The deer imagery adds to a narrative the viewer and make up themselves and changes each time I look at the piece myself.

Put your foremothers on a pedestal, like a piece of art or a support for your memories.
detail: vinyl was painted over, sanded, painted, then pulled off
and sanded and painted again


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