Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ceramics: Everything Mugs

These are my "everything" mugs.  I also have "everything" vases.  I use my plethora of doodads to impress heavy designs into the clay while it's still a slab, then form it into a mug and add a handle.  Handles are difficult and I'm still working on my confidence making and attaching them, but these were a fun little run of mugs and I have a few left in my Etsy store if you're interested...
impressed with burlap, Mardi Gras beads, pipe, found ceramic insulator,some spring thing, and a wrench

hand for scale!

industrial hand file, wrench, conical gear, found ceramic insulator

found cabinet grate, stamp made from grate, popsicle stick, butt end of drill bit, pipe

mesh orange produce bag, typewriter hammers, found ceramic insulator, mysterious nut thing

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