Monday, January 30, 2017

Tumbler 1

cone 6 stoneware, mason stain, Stroke and Coat 

And now...tumblers!  I decided to try some surface color decoration that didn't involve impressions because...I got some free stuff and wanted to try it out!  A classmate (Deborah Gendel--look at her work!  It's great!) gave me some underglaze and Stroke & Coat, a Mayco brand product that is great for painting and line work.  I have simple, primitive decorating skills, so I decided to go with lots of stripes and some dots to start learning about this application.  I also used mason stains mixed with white glaze to make my own colors.  The next several posts will be from this ongoing product line.

This one has sold, but I have most of my others listed in my Etsy store.


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