Monday, August 6, 2018

In That Upper Air

I was asked to make a piece reminiscent of "Crooning Cottonwoods" with some layers added in.  I tackled a 48 x 36 inch aluminum blank with that in mind.
Layer of orzos.

Painted over the vinyl.

Sanded, repainted.
 After a hardy amount of sanding I dug right in with some branchy orzo designs.
Getting close.

I'm glad I kept and enhanced that little island of aluminum
near the bottom.

In That Upper Air, 48 x 36 inches, 2018
The title comes from a poem called "The Thrush" by Amanda T. Jones, who, it turns out, is quite the interesting character.

(from the second stanza)
   "Soon was I made aware
Of his small mate that from the Judas-tree
   Dropped softly, flitting here and flitting there,
And would not seem to hear or seem to see.
   He, in that upper air,
All mindful of her wayward wandering,
   (Primrose and creamy-petaled larkspur bending
And yellow blossomed nettle, prone to sting!)"

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