Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Bathroom Flowers

As I'm writing this, Kansas City is coming out of some of the coldest weather in years.  About half the people I know had frozen pipes or experienced rolling blackouts planned by the power company to keep the whole grid from collapsing.  I feel lucky that we were able to avoid both.

If the forecast holds, the day I plan to publish this will be in the 50s...seems crazy, because that's less than a week from now.  MIDWEST, AMIRITE!? 

So, anyway, I've been dreaming of spring and flowers and bike rides; therefore, I am collecting some of my prettiest Bathroom Flowers TM from 2020 to share in this pre-springtime.

Wood hyacinth, dandelions, chickweed, dead nettle, henbit, grape hyacinth, violets, bachelor's purse, and strawberry leaves. Little sweet things that are early bloomers and seen as weeds by many. 

First Bathroom Flowers TM of the year!
April 1st

Penny cress, yellow rocket, garlic mustard, grape hyacinth, buttercup greens, and branches left over from my Xmas wreath. That garlic mustard is pretty strong when you cut it and I plan to try to cook with it this year.
This honker lasted a long time and this vase is not for sale.
April 14th

Crab apple, allysum, forsythia, dock, chickweed, and wheaty grass.
Going tall
April 7th

Oxalis, catmint, Golden Alexander, scabiosa, yellow sweet clover, and some crazy bachelor buttons. This was particularly fragrant with the catmint and sweet clover (one of my favorites of all time!).
(Love eyes emoji)
May 9th

Roses, scabiosa, Queen Anne's Lace, yarrow, yellow sweet clover, aster, coreopsis, spiderwort, and oxalis. You want flowers to come back year after year and last a long time?  Get thee some spiderwort! And Queen Anne's Lace!  And yarrow! And basically everything in this bouquet.  All perennials, mostly natives.
Love this Queen's Vessel. Holds some girthy blooms.
May 25th

Allium, Golden Alexander, hydrangea, coreopsis, and mullein.  That blue hydrangea didn't bloom much in 2020, but when she did, she blew my mind, as always.
Take all the scraps and stick them together!
June 16th

Through many channels I've been able to identify most flowers I come across while walking or biking around.  I was a flower-shop worker for a number of years, and, honestly, I'm better at arranging now...just like with drawing, sometimes things just have to marinate for a while in your brain juices for them to fully sink in.

Hope you enjoyed this little detour, I have many more...it's a good reason to keep my bathroom counter cleared off.

I post my Bathroom Flowers TM over on my Instagram in real time!  You can see where I get my blooms and how they fit in my bike basket.

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