Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Incised Ceramics II

 Before the KC Clay Guild shut down in March along with everything else, I started working on some planters and incised flower themed pieces.  After six months of letting ideas ruminate, I had a nice little group of cuties when our class started up again in September. Several ended up at the Kemper Museum Shop, and the rest are available directly from me online.

First I hand-built the base forms, playing around with adding shapes together.  Then, while the clay was still a bit soft (leather hard for those in the know), I carved lines into the surface, this time with either a needle tool or pencil, depending on how thick I wanted the lines.  Before the first firing I painted underglaze in several colors on the designs.

group of planters and vases



After they came out, I added clear glaze and more underglaze into the lines of some.

finished planter with clear glaze
vase with copper wash and underglazes
available at Kemper Museum Shop

underglazed and glazed planter
available at Kemper Museum Shop

glazed and underglaze vase
available at Kemper Museum Shop

finished vase with clear glaze and blue underglazed lines

Those links again:

KC Clay Guild

The Kemper Museum Shop

Eighty Acres Art Ceramics 

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