Thursday, January 28, 2021

Orzos on Metal

Early in the year I was still making Orzo pieces and working on backgrounds for future orzo-ing.

I cannibalized a less-than-satisfactory piece to make a new thing.
I picked off most of the first draft of the re-do anyway.

I decided to stick with one color of vinyl for this one after a few starts with more.

Atmospheric Splendor
vinyl on painted aluminum
30 inch diameter

I globbed on many layers and colors, scraping, sanding, and watering down as I went, and using whatever I had on the brush from one piece to start work on the next.  This is how you can tell they're related.  We had a few nice enough days in February for me to spread out in the backyard and fling color safely.

The lineup.
Finished backgrounds...

36" diameter

24 x 24" cannibalized
Remember how I cannibalize my pieces?  This is one.

36" diameter

Super thick paint, sanded and watered down, and done again a few times...nice and dimensional.

After prepping several surfaces, I didn't do anything with them...or I haven't so far.  It's not abandonment, it's waiting for the right time.  For this artist, that could be years from now.  If you've seen my collection of things (not a hoard), you can understand how I can work like this.

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