Tuesday, January 12, 2021

It's 2021 I guess

 So, okay, I basically skipped 2020.  As I'm sure most of us can say, having a lot of time in a new way does not always give us the motivation to do all those things you've always wanted to do.  So, I'm going to share what happened in my creative life over the last year here in the new year.

Mostly I rediscovered drawing, took six months off ceramics, biked, and looked at flowers.  I also ate a lot of ice cream and frozen custard.  Oh, and I opened an online ceramics (for now) store in December.

We're all playing catch up and looking back at a weird time...and looking forward to a new, better normal.

I had a few pieces in a show at Inter Urban Art House.

Worked on some orzo pieces early in the year.

Started incising and adding flowers to ceramics.

Grew many flowers, like this cosmo, in my yard.

Collected flowers on my bike
Arranged Bathroom Flowers TM

Drew flowers on ceramics.

Drew some very big flowers on paper.

I'm going to try to have a new post up every Tuesday, because that's when the internet said people are most likely to read and share...Looks like I have myself a New Year's Resolution. 

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