Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Kansas City Artist Coalition art auction

Give Me One Prairie Day!
18 inch diameter
vinyl on painted aluminum

The last party I went to was the annual KCAC art auction...back in February. After over three decades in the City Market, they relocated just a few blocks from my house in Midtown. 

I donated the above piece to the live auction, and it was bananas!  We all had so much fun and it sucks that we won't be able to get together this year in person.  But the event is going on virtually with just as much gusto as ever!  Bonus...wear your PJs and don't worry about how you're getting home!

This year, you can bid on one of my Orzo pieces included in the Kemper Museum exhibition Women to Watch | Metals 

36 x 12 inches
vinyl on painted aluminum

On the wall of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

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