Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cannibalizing a Clock

Sometimes I make work that just doesn't sell.  Not only does it not sell, nobody comments on it while in my booth.  And I kind of don't love the thing, either.  That's what happened with this little guy:

Goodbye, tiger-like experiment.  I didn't even sign you!

So I decided to do what any heartless creator would do: cannibalize that thing!  It's really more of a transformation, caterpillar to butterfly, if you will.  Instead of just flipping it over and using the back (why didn't I do that this time? I could have!), I decided to document the destruction and rebirth of a 5 x 5 clock.


I had to work way too hard to get enough material up on the corner to
actually pull with my fingers, but I managed.  I nibbled away with my X-Acto knife.

Pull it!  (The opposite of what Salt n Pepa did.)

One little bit almost always hangs on at the end.  Jerk.

I then let some rubbing alcohol soak on any left over sticky residue from
the pulled vinyl and buff it with a very special piece of cloth (a paper towel).

New identity!  I went with my most popular design because I had all the parts
close by and some poppies already cut.  Efficient!

Ahh...That's better.  It's poppy time! 
So, if you ever see one of my clocks with stuff on the back, don't be surprised.  It's my way of recycling and learning from my mistakes.  Sometimes the vinyl doesn't come off that easily, or at all, but I got lucky this time. 

I just put clocks and frameables up at my favorite Kansas City ice cream shop, Miami Ice!  It's the fourth time I've had work there, and dare I say that my clocks go PERFECTLY with sugary-sweet desserts.  If you're a Kansas Citian, check it out at W 39th Street and Genessee.  (They sell Lawrence's wonderful Sylas & Maddy's ice cream there!)

I'll have the poppy clock at my next show in Ottawa, Kansas, on Nov. 9th. 

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