Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making It: Dot Clock

Lately multitudes of scraps have been piling up in my studio, so I've gone back to hand cutting some designs.  Using just the bits frees my brain for a while, until I get enough shapes cut out, at which time I have to figure out just what I'm going to do with them. 

Here's a good old dot clock in the making:

Making sure there's a variety of sizes.

Spacing out design.

Stick that stuff down.

Colors sure seem different in natural light...

Throw in a flying pig and we're good to go!
This is a bold color choice, but I've been making a lot of yellow/grey/black/white combo clocks because that is THE COLOR COMBO of THE COOL PEOPLE, and I thought I should change it up a little.  Maybe this will be the next color wave to sweep the country.

This is up on my Etsy site, and I'll have it in my booth (while supplies last!) this fall.  I'll be in Baldwin, Kansas, for the Maple Leaf Festival this weekend.  Undoubtedly I'll see thousands of people I know because this small city is directly between my hometown and my college town, and it's a bit of an event for us country folks.  Three words: APPLE CIDER DONUTS.

Here's a few more hand cut clocks of late:
8 x 8 Black and every-other-color clock

9 x 12 Brown-Black clock with hand cut rectangles

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