Friday, October 4, 2013

In the Middle of the Night: October Edition

Because sleeping is something I'm great at doing when I am procrastinating, stressed out (one begets the other, usually), and during daytime I am.  I'm lucky enough not to be forced to wake up this early for work, get on regular clothes and hit the road while it's still dark outside, so I get to mope about it a little.

Three o'clock in the morning + scans of old magazines/fabrics + mad off-brand Photoshop skillz (uhhh...) = this stuff:
Lady dots

There's a joke in here somewhere...

From a Reader's Digest cover

From a 1940's romance novel

Reader's Digest again

Fabric rainbow circle goodness

Curtain fabric stacked circles
I didn't do any actual aligning per se when making these, and it's funny to see that the centers tend to float to the right a bit.  Makes sense, since I'm using my right hand.  But these feel good to me and I'd like to explore this technique more, maybe make some "digital art" as the peeps say. It's not a "print" because it's not printmaking (got schooled on that one this spring in Oklahoma) but it's not a "reproduction" either.  It's made on a computer, which is the last thing I ever thought I'd do, but I'm not cutting up that fabric and most of it has sold now anyway.  I like the crisp lines. 

It also reminds me a little of the opening to the long-cancelled soap opera Santa Barbara...ah, nostalgia!

Look at me, trying new stuff.  In the middle of the night.

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