Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just Listed: Lots of Mother Goose Stuff!

I have, for some reason, many Mother Goose books.  I love the imagery but do not have an appropriate spot to use all the pages I've found, so I thought I'd share.  There are currently thirty color book plates from Mother Goose rhymes alone in The Retro Ranch's Etsy store...and more to come, I'm sure!  I'm also putting some in my antique mall booth, so we'll see who wins: the internet or KC browsers.

Also, check out one of the illustrators, Lois Lemski!  Her work is great and she was quite prolific.

 Right now my booth space doesn't look as sharp as I'd like, especially since I visited Austin and saw some incredible displays in their many funky thrift and antique shops.  I'll be working on it in the next few weeks.

Hopefully there's an after to this before shot:
Let's get spiffed up, shall we?
I think I want to add some light blue to the display, but the frigid weather has made it kind of impossible to paint outside and painting inside will kill our birds and not do much for the other creatures inhabiting the house, either.  We'll see!

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