Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Made It: Loring Park Preview

Loring Park Art Festival is this weekend!  I've been working on new and bigger clocks and here's a preview:

6 x 30 Aluminum with rainbow drops

12 x 12 Red with White Orzo Burst

12 x 12 Two-faced Orzo Burst

12 x 24 Sanded Aluminum with Anatomical Heart

12 x 24 Aluminum and Red Ombre with "Shasta" design

12 x 36 Sanded Aluminum with Multi-layered dots
12 x 36 Aluminum with Red Ovals

12 x 36 Aluminum and Pinks Stacked with
Black Orzo Bursts
IF I don't sell these in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, I'll be sure to add them to Eighty Acres Art Etsy shop.  For the weekend I'm going to deactivate most of my listings except for the table top clocks (since those aren't sold in my booth).  

Residents of this lovely city, stop by my booth--->number 71, just like last year.  I'd love to see you!

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