Sunday, July 27, 2014

Made It: New Small Mixed Media Pieces

I'm trying to get back to my mixed media roots.  Here are some of those tries.
matboard, tea bag paper, vinyl, old house paint

matboard, tea bag paper, vinyl, acrylic paint, old house paint

matboard, tea bag paper, colored pencil, 1970s catalog images

matboard, tea bag paper, old house paint, pencil,
image from vintage "Prevention" magazine (flowers), vinyl,
image from old book

matboard, vintage book page, acrylic paint, vinyl

matboard, images from antique "Mother Goose" book,
tea stain, acrylic paint
These are all 5 x 7 inches.  I'm looking forward to doing more and really enjoy playing with the tea bag papers and paint (samples I got when we were trying to decide on a house color several years ago).

Soon I will have a separate studio space from my house that will be primarily for fine art (as opposed to clocks, magnets, etc.) and I hope to push this body of work to great lengths.  Until then, my vinyl studio is mixed with found ephemera and vintage relics, so I'm tripping over stuff a lot.  I'm like a goldfish--I will fill the space I have.  Watch out!

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