Friday, September 8, 2017

Art Westport THIS WEEKEND!

My ONE AND ONLY art festival this year starts TODAY!  Art Westport is Friday, 1-9, Saturday 10-9, and Sunday, 11-6.  I'll be in Booth 47, pretty close to where I've been the last two years.  See below for a few new things to expect...

Process shot of 12 heart grid.

Weird double heart, 20 x 20"

Another double heart, this one with a kind of Rorschach design.
Clover thinks you should definitely see it in person!
Frames and nails used in frames are from my house walls--100+ year old lath and nails.
32 x 16" 

Shot of last year's booth--I will have some of the same/similar stuff again.

From the body of work currently showing at the Kemper Museum, I'll have some
smaller versions from my Orzo series.  These are 8 x 8" & 5 x 5".

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