Thursday, September 7, 2017

Showings here and there

I had some showings at wonderful places around town over the summer, as well as pieces in shows across the country...

First, local:
May--Holy Cow Pop Up
Starting May and still running: Spencer Fage, a law firm downtown
June--First Friday in the Crossroads

July--Essential Goods for the Lawrence Annual Sidewalk Sale

June through January 2018--Women to Watch//Metals show at the
Kemper Museum...this one gets its own post in a few...

July: Paper works at One More Cup

 And around the country...
"Bird of Columbia" at CORE New Art Space, Denver, Colorado;
Contemporary Abstraction, 24 x 24 aluminum/vinyl/paint
"Air Mail" and "Peeping Tom" at Fabulon, Charleston, South Carolina;
Souvenirs of Summer, 11 x 14 paper collages

"Prairie Porthole" (although I've decided to rename it if it doesn't sell to "Cottonwoods" or something)
at Verum Ultimum, Portland, Oregon; Abstract Catalyst, 30" diameter aluminum/vinyl/paint

I'm applying to many shows here and there, and will be having some sales locally soon...VERY SOON, as in, this weekend at Art Westport.  More on that later...

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