Monday, September 18, 2017

EDIT show at Wichita City Arts

I got the opportunity to create a new body of work I've been thinking about for years since finding a big stack of Wichita Eagle newspapers from can find art supplies anywhere if you just keep your eyes open on neighborhood walks.  A year ago I participated in an art fair in Wichita and, as these things do, one thing lead to another and I have a show in the arts district there through the end of September at City Arts.

The scribble thing started when I was working on this piece and just couldn't get her hands right...
"Everything's Fine"-- found wood, vinyl, newspaper, paint

After sitting on this layered scribble motif for a long time, playing around with colors, thicknesses, and cutting techniques (mostly done on the computer and cut on a vector system like my other line work), I mentally paired them with some newspapers I'd been painting and using as blotter paper.

Here are some pieces and installation shots!

"Jonathans/Thighs"-- 18 x 15 inches; newspaper, vinyl, paint

"Front Page"-- 15 x 23 inches; newspaper, vinyl, paint

"Petroleum News/10¢ Off"-- 23 x 15 inches; newspaper, vinyl, paint

Installation, Balcony Gallery

Beautifully framed by friend and neighbor Lori at Hoop Dog Studio!

The show is up through next week at City Arts in Wichita, Kansas.

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