Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Art Shows, or lack thereof

I have participated in only a few art festivals over the last year, and that's by design.  After a third year at Art Westport (but with the Orzo work this year) and finally slaying the dragon that is the Plaza Art Fair, I traveled the farthest ever, to Artclectic, in Nashville.

It rained during set up at Westport.  A real joy.

I spent much of the day like this.  Also, I threw my back out setting up!
Plaza, two weeks later.  Much better weather, although my neighbor from
New Orleans was freezing when it dropped to 65 that night.  I gave her hand warmers.
I was in a sleeveless dress.

Behind the wall.

Artclectic Nashville--INSIDE!!  Very nice.

No tent set up and they fed us A LOT.
Doing shows is exhausting and I am not willing to do enough, or travel enough, to make it economically feasible or sustainable.  I'm really proud of this body of work, but hauling it in and out of my shed, truck, and tent beats it up and beats me up, too.  I couldn't bend down for almost two weeks after set up at Westport.  And I was gone for almost a week traveling to and from Nashville in October (although I'm glad I got to explore the city and the National Quilt Museum on the way there).  I learn every time I take my work on the road, both about the logistics of moving it around and the work itself.

In 2019, I haven't had any tent shows or art fairs, and I don't have any scheduled.  I only applied to one: The Plaza.  And, like the 9/10 times before when I applied, I got rejected outright (I got in off the waitlist last year).  I'll explain more about that process later since many non-exhibitors do not understand the ins and outs of that...

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