Friday, September 20, 2013

Feline Friday #1: Clover's no secret I'm a cat lover and come from a long line of cat lovers.  Growing up in the country, you get used to having a sweet little whiskered friend DUMPED by a MONSTER, walking up the driveway and asking ever so politely for some food.  Would you deny this precious little life food?

Also, I hear The Internetz likes cats and thought I'd go ahead and add to it, because if you can fall in love with a cat, maybe someday when you're ready you can adopt a cat who needs a home.  You have the power to save a life!

Anyway, to kick off my first ever Feline Friday (no promises this happens regularly, but I'll try), I'm going to highlight my own beloved studio assistant Clover.

I met her as a baby kitten at a wedding at a farm.  Later that weekend I also met her brother-from-another-mother Zevon at a different farm down the road, and I was in kitten heaven.

I brought them home on Halloween, 2003, and the cuteness overfloweth.
SQUEEEEE!!!  She hung out in my bag sometimes.  So tiny her eyes hadn't
turned from blue to greeny-gold yet.
Melting from cuteness overload, Dec. '03.
As she got older I realized I had a super fluffy Maine Coon on my hands (or farmy hybrid).  She's a smaller sized Maine Coon, actually, weighing in at 13 pounds.  (Don't tell her I told you.)

She's pushing 10 years old now, and some of her orange highlights have begun to fade, but none of her spunk or LOUD-ASS MEOWING WHEN I'M TRYING TO SLEEP IN.  That's okay...usually.

Clover's been an exemplary feline specimen, with only one expensive vet appointment where a few teeth had to be extracted, including one of her top fangs, which gives her a kind of Elvis lip sometimes from the resulting under bite.
Working hard in the studio, 2013.
Being extra catty in my clean laundry pile.
Caught in mid-roll.
With her bro, our dearly departed Zevon, soaking in the sun on a winter day.
See her funny under bite thing?
She's my sweet baby; a great jumper, cuddler, and purrer.  Also loves the eating.  Dislikes include thunderstorms, being hungry, and waiting to eat. 

Most mornings when I get up and do computer work in the studio she's right there on my lap, pulling whatever's closest off my desk and on to the floor, because that's what cats do.
I'd like to extend an invitation to anyone who has a cat in their lives that they'd like to share with the world.  Guest blogging!  I am shamelessly using this to market myself, but I also am a sucker for cute, cuddly, furry things and love to hear about how their love abounds and makes lives better.

Do you have a cat (or other animal) you love to talk about?  Email me at signs444 -at- to get the ball rolling.  Come one, come all!

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  1. I really liked reading about Clover. And you are right, she is sooooooooooo cute!