Thursday, September 12, 2013

Made It: Fall Clocks Preview

I have several shows coming up so I've been trying to pad my inventory early.  Scrambling last-minute is a real drag!  Here's what you can see in my booth (I will have all the info at the bottom) or on Etsy, eventually (if I don't sell out, which would be SO GREAT). 

I've been making frameables as well, but I'm just sharing clocks today.  Also, I don't have pictures of those other things and don't really have time to take more, so...there.

8 x 8  White with brown orzos

5 x 5 Ochre with neutral giraffe scene

5 x 5 Black with blue dino
8 x 8 Silver with rainbow numbers
9 x 12 Turquoise with red-orange giraffe

8 x 8 Brushed aluminum with hot colors orzo burst

9 x 12 Yellow with grey bikes and black stars

12 x 12 Brushed aluminum with ombre orzo burst

12 x 12 Grey with silver orzo creepers


Zona Rosa Arts Festival
Friday, Sept. 13  5-9pm
Saturday, Sept. 14  10am-9pm
Sunday, Sept. 15  Noon-6pm

Northern Kansas City, MO

UNPlaza Art Fair
Saturday, Sept. 21  10-6pm
Sunday, Sept. 22  Noon-5pm

25% of all sales go to Peace Works, a non-proliferation charity
See more on Facebook

Midtown Kansas City, MO, across from the Kemper Museum of Art

Maple Leaf Festival
Saturday, Oct. 21  9-6pm
Sunday, Oct. 22  9-5pm

Downtown Baldwin, Kansas

Handmade Holidays
Saturday, Nov. 9  9-4pm

Ottawa, Kansas
1230 S Ash

Bizarre Bazaar
Friday, Nov. 29  5-9pm
Saturday, Nov. 30  10-5pm

Lawrence Art Center, 940 New Hampshire Street
Lawrence, Kansas

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