Monday, January 22, 2018

Made It: Flock

You know those big circular railroad crossing signs?  I get them without any signage on them and make them into art.  
You're familiar.
Working with a circular substrate is fun but sometimes a little hard to get started on.  I decided to use the curved edge in the design but kept the background paint marks straight.
 I kept fighting the look of a black and white cookie and tried to hug the edge without just tracing it.
Greys and silvers on yellows and greens.
 It took a long time to decide which direction is up on this one.  Certain positions made it look like an ocean wave or moon, which I didn't want.  
Flock, 2017
36 inch diameter
aluminum, paint, vinyl
 I titled it "Flock."  You can guess why.  Around this time I watched The Birds but I'm not sure if it was before or after...or if one had to do with the other.  Abstract/non-living birds are better for indoors than the other, more annoying/loud/pooping kind.

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