Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Made It: Hot Brazen Heavens

This is a story of redemption.  

I made a line of extra large clocks.  People liked the big impact of the graphic goodness, but some didn't want the actual clock part.  So I tried out just doing the background and not adding the mechanism.  
Original Orzo Rainbow Burst
 But after I started making larger, more complicated Orzo pieces, I thought the unpainted, one-layer-of-vinyl finished piece above was kind of boring.  Still great, but looked out of place among its younger siblings.  So I painted it!  I painted right over the vinyl and everything.   Fun fact, the dark purple orzos were de-laminating anyway because the adhesive was apparently not very strong, so I just yanked them off and decided to see what happened.  (This happens when you get leftovers.)
I love an ombre.
 I took some in-between process shots but they are terrible.  Sorry not to have any to share.

You can see the ghosts left behind by the pulled off purple orzos (some were sticky enough to grab and keep some paint even through sanding) and some nice aluminum peeking through.
 Improved!  Redeemed!  Visual movement achieved!
Hot Brazen Heavens
30 inch diameter
aluminum, paint, vinyl
The title is much better, too.  From the poem "Good-bye to the Cottonwood" by Margaret Hill McCarter.

You can go back through my Instagram feed and see a video of the sanding process if you want.  It's kind of magical.  It's from June 27, 2017.

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