Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Made It: Summer Bends and Smiles

I loved the colors on this one from the beginning and tried to keep it throughout the process.  You may notice some little designs here and there stamped into the paint.  I made some stamps to be used in my ceramic pieces based on some clocks I made a few years ago and sized them wrong, but decided to see what would happen here, and I loved it so added the design into many of subsequent pieces.
Blank canvas, sort of.  Three or four layer of paint here.
24 inches wide x 36 inches high

Glamorous life of an artist.  Notice my paint mug has orzos on it, too!
 First layer of masking vinyl.

Painted, peeled, sanded, painted again.

Vinyled, painted, peeled, sanded.

Vinyled again.

Painted, peeled, sanded again.

At this point I decided I was done with the background and wanted to add the final layer of permanent orzos.


Summer Bends and Smiles

I was inspired by "Tempting Feast of Good Things," although I'd made several in between the two.

Title taken from a line from "Sunflowers in the Corn" by William Wattles

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