Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Clocks in Progress

In preparation for a call off the waitlist for a six-day show in a couple weeks, I've been working on padding my inventory.  Last week I got my 24 x 24 inch aluminum blanks and some 6 x 18s, so I dove into cutting...So.Much.Cutting. 

This is as organized as I get.
With the biggies I get to play around with proportion, which is fun, but it's hard to decide on colors sometimes.  A giant rainbow clock is a big commitment for a person...doesn't necessarily match the curtains.  But all I can do is make something I like and hope someone else likes it, too.

Cut too many hot colors and got to use the leftovers on a smaller clock.

Playing around with a simple shape is one of my favorite things.

Keeping my fingers crossed for this show!  If I don't make the trek to the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts, I will at least have a bunch of stuff for my scheduled shows this summer.  Better to be prepared and disappointed than unprepared and stressed out.  I'll be stressed out either way, though, don't worry.

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