Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Made It: Dot Clocks

One of the easiest ways to use up my multitude of vinyl scraps is to make dot clocks.  It's not the easiest thing on my scissors callus, but that's the cost of your craft, I guess. 

I began by putting them in one of my original designs, the dino clock.  They added a nice rocky flavor and some much needed extra color.

4 x 4 mini dino clock
And then I thought, well, let's just throw these guys all over the place!

12 x 12 Yellow Super Dots clock
 Why not double those dots up and make a giant clock?

30" round...I added the color after the silver-only dots didn't sell after a year.
 And I do like a less random pattern once in a while.

8 x 8 Blue Dots Pattern
 Did you say TRIPLE up those dots?  Will do.

Bright and cheery 6 x 18 clock

And this is the before...if I'm organized, which I'm getting better about:

Like candy.
Dots: making people happy since the beginning of time.  (Not a pun!)

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