Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making It: Big Clock

So I worked on a big clock today.  Twenty-four by twenty-four inches.  The aluminum signs came with some weird discoloration on the surface, so I couldn't use my normal sanded technique on all of them this time.  That forced me to find large enough pieces of vinyl scrap to cover the blank for a background and not screw it up in process, which can be hard with only two hands and no tail.  (Monkeys use their tails for this kind of thing, I'm pretty sure.  It's like an extra hand, right?)
I decided to go with a shimmery navy blue with white Orzos.  Maybe it will match someone's curtains.

Cut and weeded out...ready for placement.
Pretty far into the process...took me as long to do this much as the last three inches.
Action shot...yes, that is Elliot and E.T. helping me out.

That shelf o' vinyl up there is about a third of my stock.

Sorry about the blurriness...but this is the finished face. 
Hopefully next week I can get some decent photos of the completed giant clocks.

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