Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Found It: Oklahoma City

So...I had a great time at the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts last week!  The week flew by (with the exception of the first day of the festival--Tuesday--when the high was 41 degrees and dropped throughout the day...let's forget about that one). 

I'm always interested in the architecture and visual evolution of the cities I visit, and OKC is no exception.  The dichotomy of new and old, shiny and weather-worn, was very prevalent there.  I really want to go back when I can take my bike and have time to pedal around town.  It's funny, since I use discarded vinyl in my work, that I'm so drawn to hand-painted signs that vinyl technology has nearly obliterated.  Conveniently, NPR's Talk of the Nation had a segment on this very topic today.

Here are a few shots from my way out of town the day after the show...

I drove by this everyday on my way to the show, on Robinson.

Love the wrench used as the I here.

I just noticed the dollar sign used for the dot in "bargain"...I should do that more.

South of downtown.

West of downtown.

On Park Place, north of downtown...abandoned.
Looking north.  Basically sums up the downtown area.  Old vs. new.

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