Saturday, April 20, 2013

Found It: Old School Shirt

This little gem was hiding somewhere at mom and dad's house.  I don't think it's ever been worn--what a shame, to let that 100% nylon sit idle all these years.  Straight from the 1960s (mom and dad graduated in '69), I can proudly proclaim my Wellsvillian roots to the world in a hip new-old fashion.
Fashion show!

Look at that proud Eagle, struttin' his stuff like only a sweater-wearing avian can.
I wore this running all over the Johnson County side of the KC metro area doing errands because I'M GOING TO OKLAHOMA CITY ON MONDAY!!! I got called up from the waitlist and will be spending six days at the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts.  It's a great event, with 5,000 volunteers and delicious food.  So my house is in my studio leaked out into the rest of the rooms.  Can't wait to tell y'all about it.  (I fall into an Okie twang immediately when I'm down there, so I thought I'd just go ahead and start early.)

Here's a pretty good depiction of my brain right now:
Have to do ALL THE THINGS.

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