Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Made It: Poppy Clocks

I've always been a fan of The Poppy.  Even before it was cool, you guys.  My grandpa (I think? That's how it is in my head and I'm not changing it.) planted a little poppy patch way before I was around next to the garden out on the farm.  Those two weeks a year they bloom is a magical time that I never really appreciated until I moved away and went to school.  You can't pick a poppy and keep it inside because it goes straight to Wilty Town.  I think that's why the image of the poppy has gotten to be so popular--as a great philosopher once said, "Take a picture--it'll last longer!"

I ended up making the simplest poppy form for my clocks, and they were a hit!  Everyone knew exactly what they were, except, ironically, the owner of the flower shop where I worked.  ("I like the tulip clock."  ....uh.)  Also, I can make them short or tall, and use up my multitude of scrap vinyl, which is kind of the point anyway.

6 x 18 inch poppy clocks

12 x 6 inch poppy clocks

6 x 30 inch poppy clocks

Even though I have used this design for years and I'm kind of addicted to the Orzo technique right now, I think I'll always come back to this simple, happy flower.  It reminds me of Grandpa, Kansas, and the land I love.