Monday, April 1, 2013

Found It: Beads

I used to be a big bead necklace in, the simplest form of putting beads on a string, tying it off, and slipping it over my head.  This was an elementary and  middle school endeavor.  Beads are almost like little pieces of candy, so colorful and shiny...mmmm.  Someone in my family started beading sometime as well, or my grandpa just picked up a container that had beads in it.  Either way, I used some of the beads and got really excited about it.  For, like, a month.

Anyway, I came across the bead stash at mom and dad's the other day and decided that maybe someone else could put these to use, especially this collection of cool 1970's colors.  New old retro stock, as they say.
If these don't sell by the time the listing expires on Etsy, I may just break out  my old needle and thread and string these bad boys together to make a nice, long flappery necklace.

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